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July Hike on Mt. Mansfield

Earlier this month, we decided to drive up the Mount Mansfield Toll Road in Stowe, Vermont. We walked the Long Trail from the Mansfield visitor’s center up to the summit of Vermont’s tallest peak! It’s certainly different seeing this mountain in the summer rather than in the winter. All those ski trails were covered in beautiful wildflowers and the icy winds were just a cooling summer breeze!



I've been living and exploring in Vermont since 2008.

6 thoughts on “July Hike on Mt. Mansfield

  1. Wonderful video, Louis! Wife & I have only done the gondola to the restaurant there at Mt Mansfield. Maybe one day we can do the hike, not as cliff clinging as I’d feared lol! Good luck in Colorado too! 😊 Pinned your blog to Pinterest!

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  2. Reblogged this on © Felipe Adan Lerma – All Rights Reserved – Blogging at WordPress Since 2011 🙂 and commented:
    I’ve been really feeling missing going to Vermont this year and remembered finding this very neat post via Louis Annino back on Sept 1st. Sheila & I’ve gone up the gondola to Mt Mansfield but not the Toll Road – just weren’t sure it was worth it. But Louis’ video and narrative makes me think even this nearly 69 year old could might make it 😊

    Thanks everyone!



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