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Geocaching at Parmelee Farm

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading! This morning I am in Killingworth, Connecticut to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I hope you are celebrating as well! For my celebration, I decided to hit the trails.

It’s stick season in Connecticut

Before the festivities begin, I was able to squeeze in a quick geocaching adventure with my blog’s first official subscriber (Hi Mom!) and the two dogs, Brookie and Barley at the Parmelee Farm nature trails. This morning was pretty bitter cold for November, below 20 degrees, but once we were out walking the trails, it wasn’t too hard to keep warm. On the walk, soggy ground had frozen and expanded forming these really cool looking icy pillars, almost looking like mushrooms poking out  of the ground. This was the best picture I could get of these cool ice structures.

Ice crystals growing right out of the ground

Each cache was found relatively quickly by myself, but Mom seemed to enjoy watching me laugh at her while she spent another 5 minutes looking for the hidden Tupperware containers! Thanks for coming on an adventure Mom!

Mom, Brookie, and Barley


I've been living and exploring in Vermont since 2008.

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