TV Guide Letterbox

Directions —

Take The Hammonasset State Park Exit (62) off of I-95. Travel west on the Hammonesset Connector to the blinking traffic light at Greenhill Rd. Take right onto Greenhill Rd. Take 1st left onto Fawn Brook Circle (if you go over the bridge into Killingworth you’ve gone too far) Park on the side of the road at the entrance to Blue Dot Trail.

Clues —

Begin walking down the blue dot trail. At first you will be on the left of an old mill. Very shortly you will pass by two stone dams. This area is very popular for fishermen in the spring. After the second dam the trail will go over a rocky and root covered area. Watch your footing. The river calms down after this area and the trail will be paralleling the river on a fairly straight line for a while. Soon you will come to a tree growing at 45 degrees. In this same area you will begin to see beaver damage to many of the trees. Continue on. You will step over a fallen log/tree and then see a barkless 2 sister tree on the left. You are now close to the box. When you reach the tree on the left side of the trail with six blue blazes (three on each side), stop. You know you have gone too far if you reach a tree with three blue blazes and a green blaze below it. At the tree with six blazes, stand on the trail so you can see all six blazes. Now, looking behind the blazed tree you will see another tree. It looks as if it was once a two sister tree, but the other sister died and rotted away leaving a hole for this box. Please rehide the box carefully.