The Ugly Mountain Letterbox

This is a box for those of us (myself included) who occasionally have a **slight** pang of laziness when it comes to letterboxes with words like, “mountain”, “climb”, or “Hill”.

Using a trail map of Chatfield Hollow, Find your way to the northern most trail-head in Chatfield Hollow.

You will know you have the right one if, as you enter the trail you pass an orange and blue blazed trail marker. Follow the orange trail to the intersection where orange goes left, an unmarked trail goes right and the blue goes up. Guess where YOURE going!!! UP! Follow the blue trail to a large boulder where you will stop…catch your breath, and then keep going. Pass a four-legged tree on the right, but it hasn’t been long enough for another break has it? Keep going, pass a large dead tree on the left. On the day I planted this box there were some interesting mushrooms growing on it. Keep going, it’s not much farther. Once the trail finally levels off look for the double blazed tree on the right with a dead and fallen tree in front of it. From the blazed tree take a reading of 335 degrees to a large fir-tree. The box is hidden behind the tree. That wasn’t too hard was it! 😛

To return to the trailhead go back the way you came.